Monday, September 21, 2009

Political Cartoon Response

Cartoon #5: Uncle Sam to Porto Rico: “And to think, that bad boy came near being your brother!”

The person named Cuba is dressed in a straw hat with smoking guns and a safe with debt pouring out- everything that is bad that’s associated with cuba is portrayed on or around this black man. Uncle Sam and Puerto Rico is standing across the street watching Cuba run away. Uncle Sam is holding Peutro Rico's hand as if to guide it to the ideal country that it can become.

Cartoon #2: How Some Apprehensive People Picture Uncle Sam After the War

Uncle Sam is standing while The Phillipines, Cuba and Puerto Rico climb all over him. This is showing how the United States want to take over these countries by spreading their beliefs and annexing them. Hawaii is sitting on the ground playing with something with a patient look on the childs face. Uncle Sam's facial expression is very stern. I'm not sure if he is mad at the children on annoying at the fact that they are playing with him.

Notes from class:
1: The Cuban Melodrama: The Noble Hero to the Heavy Villain
Female begging for help from the U.S.- Cuba portrayed as weak
Spanish- the villain
2: How Some Apprehensive People Picture the U.S. After The War
Toddler- pain in the neck- annoying- young, in need of help
Irony- children needing help

3: Miss CUBA receives an invitation. Miss COLUMBIA (to her neighbor): Won’t you join the stars and stripes and by my fourty- sixth?
Pretty young girl- tall, patriotic, standing strong
Columbia- refers to united states
Columbia- dressed in formal attire (nice, expensive, clean)- Cuba looks like “native”
4: After the first Mile. Cleveland Leader.
Looks like an African American
Making fun of Cuba
Largest cane sugar crob
Public schools increase
More schools and making money
Americans are abusing them- everything Cuba does benefits the Americans- but Cuba thinks its benefitting them
Negative view of Cuba

5: Uncle Sam to Puerto Rico: And to think that Bad Boy became your big brother
Cuba running away from U.S.
Debt following Cuba
Cuba- uncivilized look
Bad boy
Compared to Puerto Rico
Peurto rico v. Uncle Sam height- uncle sam has power over Puerto rico


  1. All very true BUT you can go further and make some valid comparisons: what might account for the differences in the portrayals of Cuba by the two artists? Do you think they are in more agreement of disagreement in terms of their views on US relations with Cuba? Take your analysis to that next level!

  2. The second cartoon shows babies crawling all over Uncle Sam as if they are too crazy for him to handle. In the background there is total chaos. The cartoonist is displaying an anti- imperialistic view by drawing Uncle Sam having an overload of responsibilities.

    The fifth cartoon is shown as Uncle Sam holding Puerto Rico's hand while watching Cuba run away with a loaded gun. Debt tabs trail the path that Cuba is running on.

    The two cartoonist have differnt ideas: The second shows Cuba as a child and the U.S. not being able to handle it, to the fifth cartoon of Cuba a bandit that is associated with horrible and dangerous ideas.